Hi, I am Lauren Long.

When I am not behind the camera I am a figure skating coach, a wife, and a mom to two amazing kids. Prior to covid I was an Early Education Teacher working with infants through Pre-K. Like many others, the last year at home helped me realize what is most important, and for me that is spending time with my family. As I spent each day watching my babies play and grow, I realized just how fast time goes by and how much they change as they grow from baby to toddler to child. So since there’s no way to keep them little forever, I went with the next best thing, capturing each moment through photography. While I had always loved photography, I realized now how important it was for my family to have our special moments that we could look back on time and time again. A single moment in time we can return to even when the world feels like it’s going by too fast. This was a feeling I wanted to share. So even though I loved being in a classroom setting, I decided it was time to make a change. With the help of my supportive husband and family, I started Lauren Long Photography with the goal to help other families capture those precious moments that time pulls away too quickly. So come bring the family, bring the kids, bring those you cherish most and let’s capture the moment before it’s gone.